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19 Jul 2017

How to be Successful at River Trout Fishing


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Posted By Ricardo W.

River trout fishing can be highly rewarding and relaxing, when done the right way. But to make the most of your experience, you need to have the right strategy. Here are some tips that can help you in your fishing expedition.

1. If you are a newbie and have never tried river trout fishing, try starting off with a double taper dry line. This type of fly fishing line is ideal for newbies, as the line is slightly stiff and will not get tangled easily.

2. To be successful, you need to pay attention to your back cast. Always cast such that there is enough time for the line to go behind you completely, ensuring that you don't over cast.

Depending on the weather conditions like the wind, you might have to change your cast type. If the winds are too strong and are affecting your castings, you might want to use roll casting. This is the best way to combat strong winds, during trout fishing. In case of roll casting, you need to tilt the rod away from the body. You then need to raise your hand such that the rod tip is at the 1 o'clock position. Ensure that the line forms an arc behind the rod. Once you have been able to achieve this position, force the rod quickly in the forward and backward direction. Accelerate it to the 9.30 position and then, stop in one quick motion. Every time the rod is forced forward, the line will roll forward and straighten up. If the line is not taut enough, try to apply some force while casting. The idea is to keep the belly of the line behind the rod such that it is not straight and is bent downwards.

3. To change the direction of the cast while fishing, you might want to use a technique called false casting. To achieve this, use combinations of pickup and lay-down, ensuring that the line does not strike the water surface.

4. Irrespective of the type of casting method you plan to use, you need to have a clean fishing line. Dirty lines are not easy to cast and are less effective.

5. Once you have cleaned your line, dress it so that the castings are smooth and the floatability of the line goes up. This will impact your roll casting effectiveness quite a bit.

6. The rod tip must always be along a straight line. So don't be in a rush during the casting process. Line clutter at the end of the cast must be avoided as far as possible.

7. Release the line only after the rod has reached the 10 o'clock position.

One more important tip is to make sure you wear the right clothing. Make sure you blend in with your surroundings. Trout can recognize differences from their natural environment, so bright unnatural colors may scare the trout and be enough to make them swim away. A good idea here is to stick to blacks, greys, dark greens and even browns, whatever will match you to your environment.

These are the most important river trout fishing tips and techniques that you need to bear in mind. Keep these tips in mind and have a successful trout fishing expedition.


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